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I first saw magazines about the Amiga in about 1988 I think. I had a C64 and used to buy Commodore magazines and picked up Amiga ones a couple of times. A good friend of mine who also had a C64 and I both dreamed of having one of these cool looking Amiga's. Well, He purchased an A500, but not having much software (just Tetris and Carmen Sandiego) and being frustrated with the difference with Amiga Basic and C64 Basic, he sold it to me. This was probably 1991. I began buying lots of software from Software Support (they had a nice catalog with tons of Amiga and C64 stuff). My brother also got into it, buying an A500 himself complete with a 250mb hard drive (this was in a metal case which attached to the expansion slot on the left, Dataflyer I think). He later purchased an A2000 with an '030/40 which he settled on. I became very much obsessed with Amiga and over the years collected as many of them as I could. At one time, I owned an A500, (4) A2000's, an A3000 and an A3000T '040/50 (I must say that to be honest I might be mixing the speed up with my bros '030 and my '040.. bugs me that I can't remember for sure). Due to financial troubles, all the Amiga's went bye bye . I still kept up on the Amiga, watching it get tossed from company to company, but eventually did something I swore I would never do and got a PC. I had spent alot of time lecturing my other Amiga comrades when they traded their Ami's for PC's and here I was having done the same thing (I did get Amiga Forever though, so obviously, I wasn't going cold-turkey). Well, a couple years ago, the same friend who I mentioned before decided to sell his A1200 (he had purchased one a few years after he sold the 500 to me). So, I bought it. It's pretty much been stored away until recently. It was very irritating to me to see it collect dust. So, I bought an Amiga to PC linkup, a 2.5" to 3.5" IDE adaptor and a 4.5 gig HD and have been back in Amiga land since. I'm currently working on setting up games using WHDload and am looking for an accelerator with RAM (perhaps just a decent '030 or '040 prolly not an '060, unless it was super cheap.. I really just want a bit extra speed and the extra RAM to play the WHDload games with no prob as that's mainly what I want to use it for, although it sounds cool to browse the web with the Ami ). Amiga Forever is very nice but having a real Amiga is so much better. My twice mentioned friend was here a couple days ago (we have been good friends for about 16 years) so I could copy all his old Amiga game and music projects that he still had stored on original Ami disks, from my REAL Amiga to the PC and burn them to a CD, so he can access them with Amiga Forever. I think him seeing me having so much fun with the Amiga again is making him a bit nostalgic. The one Amiga I wished I had owned was an A4000. I think if I saw one for sale and had the cash, I wouldn't be able to resist.
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