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What a nightmare! I did exactly as you said (except for the bit about printing the mountfile - printer needs ink) and when I rebooted, I got the Amiga "insert disk" screen! I almost vomited blood!

So then I used my bootdisk with 3.1 HDtoolbox and Disksalv. I saw that all my partitions had been deleted!

I had backed up the mountfile to floppy, but the floppy was corrupt! My second mountfile backup got mixed up with other disks and I couldn't find it. I created a partition and did a Disksalv check and saw that my files were still there (... and I picked one of my lungs off the floor).

Then I started creating partitions from memory. Luckily, my memory was good because I rebooted and saw Workbench. Without that I would be screwed because my Work partition is SFS and I don't have it on my bootdisk. I had to reload SFS in the RDB and enter more numbers by memory. Then, amazingly I got two other partitions back. I had a hell of a time getting the last 3 partitions. I finally found the disk with the mountfile on it and tried loading it in 3.9 HDtoolbox (now that the 3.9 partition was there). I got "Error 233 reading drive description" and it failed. Also, I noticed that Loadmodule (for scsi.device 43.35) refused to work. (stupid BB2 scsi.device doesn't work)

So I entered the remaining numbers manually from the mountfile and now everything is working (including Loadmodule). I can actually see the extra space now.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh. (...slowly putting internal organs back to where they belong)

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