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I want an A1000

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Originally Posted by DamienD
...Somebody sent you a curse??? Sorry to hear that, this is out of order. I mean, I know that I've been hassling you in the thread but it's just a bit of a wind up. At the end of the day people have their own preferences for liking / disliking a game... If everybody had exactly the same tastes then this world would be a boring place...
I don't see where the problem is, everything is fine. Let's just enjoy this unique Sinbad forum. Still, I can't use 'talk to'... Maybe it's a bug of that Amiga version, I seem to remember sth. like this in the (very) distant past.
Originally Posted by DDNI
..."crappy text intro"? What Apple version are you playing? Below is what I found in the Apple GSii version.
The version demoniac uploaded. If the emulator works correctly, there was no intro, just a text message, with a background of course. Again, I can't get it to run properly (too fast) so I could be missing stuff. None of these attachments qualify as 'intro'.

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