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I haven't used anything other than Filemaster 2.2 since I don't know when. It has a bug if a filename is too long and it will crash on listing a directory if it comes across one, but I've only ever had that problem with TOSEC naming conventions that have stupidly long names.
Yes, I hate those stupidly long TOSEC names. It's especially annyoying when there are multiple files in an archive and the first 32 characters of all the files are the same. Using FFS with 32 char limit, you have to extract 1, move or rename, extract 2, more or rename, and so on..

Using SFS with more than 32 character filenames avoids this, but usually causes problems with filemanagers designed before alternate filesystems were available. Naturally, older filemanagers don't expect long filenames. ABCdir will display the first 35 char or so, then garbage after. It won't crash, but you can't copy, delete or rename (have to do it with ABCdir shell). I now download or extract to FFS partition to crop the stupidly long filenames. This is probably the main reason I wanted an updated ABCdir. (but after recent severe SFS problems, I've switched back to FFS anyway)

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