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So without a way to run the 3.9 HDtoolbox if my drive change doesn't work, I will be screwed.
You can use the 3.1 HDToolbox as well. You only have to enter all data by hand because it does not have the "load mountfile" menu. Just print the mountfile so you have it on paper.

My question was: what will these incorrect numbers do?
They'll do nothing. There are no correct or incorrect numbers. They are just different.

HDDs present themselves as one long stream of blocks which are addressed by logical block address. Terms like heads, sectors and cylinders come from ancient PC technology. If you read the technical specifications of modern drives you'll see that they don't even have a fixed number of blocks per track. The size of a track varies depending on whether it is positioned more on the outer or the inner of the disk.

The only relevancy for AmigaOS is that the HDToolbox reserves two cylinders in the beginning of the HDD for the partition table (RDB) and that partitons always start on a cylinder boundary. So you should choose the value for blocks per cylinder (which is the result of multiplying blocks per track by the number of heads) so that there is enough space for the RDB and once you chose one you must not change it any more or you won't be able to recreate your partitions.

So all you may do now is to increase the number of cylinders in order to add the remaining space. All other values may not be changed if you want to keep your existing partitions.
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