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Originally Posted by alexh
The IDE ports on the X-Surf are "freebies" they are not particularly fast and you cannot boot from them.
Right, but I don't think I need any of the more exotic features of IDE in this case, so I'm sure the X-Surf will do nicely, and save me a Zorro slot.

I personally dont think so. Getting a good palette for ECS is difficult. Not sure what NewIcons looks like in 16-colors.
So is NewIcons even worthwhile then? Most of the screenshots I've seen look quite nice, but are from systems using expensive graphics cards. If standard ECS doesn't offer enough colors for NewIcons, then things might end up looking crappy anyways, AND stealing system resources in a double whammy. Maybe I'll try it out in UAE first before I try it on the actual hardware.

I have list of programs which are "must haves" for a hard drive enabled Amiga, MWB isnt one of them. Personal choice.
Well, don't keep me in suspense, what are they??

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