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Am i the only one that thinks mame has gone way to far is it not enough to emulate arcade games they have to do variations and other formats???? MAME has become the WINDOWS (BLOATWARE!) of the Emulation scene! I long for the days when arcade emulation was pure such as Dave Spicers Sparcade with just a few games emulated perhaps 50 at tops i can't remeber now but visited the site the other night!

Mame should keep to the arcades and not variants! If they want to do that then they should do seperate packs ie neo geo / pure arcade games and the chd stuff and another thing they should try and get stuff working proper before jumping on to the next latest uber game! i'd rather have 1,000 pure proper working older arcade games than 10,000 half working hodge podge assortment odds and ends and bits of other systems!

I dare DamienD or Macca to do a mame dvd(s) with batch files etc it would take about 10,000 years LOL and no i ain't doing the graphics for it
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