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I want an A1000

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Finally got xgs32 to boot Sinbad but the audio runs too fast and I can't get any mouse/joystick input through... Any ideas?
First impressions: not good A crappy, text-only 'intro', (clearly nowhere near to the Amiga's shocker-intro.. which you can now leech from the Zone... pls. no gfx-are-so-awful-shocker-comments... ) and bloody awful music. Could be the emulator, but I'm not that sure... .
Even more importanly, my suspicions were not unfounded: in the apple version, Bill Williams is only credited with original music and story, which means he probably had nothing to do with this one. Ok, I still haven't played it through so I'll stop -for now-.
Oh, and someone from all you zillions that hate the miggy version, sent me a nice curse, since I can't use the 'talk to' option anymore. You'll notice my frustration at the very end of the video.
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