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Tonight I've been busy adding in sarek2k's awesome autoplay to my SNES CD / DVD

Also with the SETUP.EXE, I added in a second check to make sure the "files / folders" already exist. Before what would happen is:

... After copying all file / folders to a drive partition, a .txt file would be created in %TEMP%.
... If you ran SETUP.EXE again, decided to copy all file / folders to the same drive partition it would skip this as it would check for the .txt file.

I'm trying to cover all scenarios here so I thought to myself "what happens if the user deletes all files / folders from the drive partition?"

Well, as the .txt file still exists in %TEMP% (as I don't want to ever delete this or the copy process would always start), SETUP.EXE would obviously skip the copying process. Hang on, but there are no files / folders

So, the check now first looks for the .txt file, and the second check makes sure that the last file to be copied (which is in \SNES\SETTING) exists. This is of course in case the user has deleted all file / folders from the selected drive partition. All tested and works perfectly

Tonight I burnt the final DVD and tested all options again without error. The good news is that I'm now ready to create the .ISO file (without ROMS of course) and upload this to somewhere. I'll do this tomorrow night
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