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I can't use the Emergency Boot because I don't have a CD-ROM drive. That's why I used the 3.1 HDtoolbox to install the drive. Then I copied over 3.9 manually. (When I originally got 3.9, Softhut installed it on my first HD for me - that HD is now dead)

So without a way to run the 3.9 HDtoolbox if my drive change doesn't work, I will be screwed. (why oh why did they make the 3.9 HDtoolbox use the stupid Reaction GUI)

What about the incorrect Heads, Blocks per track and Blocks per cylinder? I assume that the 3.1 HDtoolbox was wrong and the 3.9 HDtoolbox has read it correctly. My question was: what will these incorrect numbers do? Will I eventually end up with a corrupt drive if I continue to use these numbers? Can I change these numbers to the correct ones without losing everything? (I have made no changes yet - too scared)
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