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Originally Posted by Macca
There will be something released this weekend - it may be that it has to be copied to your hard-drive (approximately 2GB space) and the magazines run from the DVD - this may be the best option at the moment unless Damien comes up with something.

By the way Damien - if I change the CFG files and point them to %temp% the emulator overwrites them if I make the CFG file read-only then Gamebase errors.
So you don't want the .cfg files to ever be changed?

This is just a quick thought, probably not great but...

With your desktop shortcuts, I believe that you now do the same as what I do i.e. call a batch file? You could have it also copy across the "standard" .cfg files everytime it's launched...

A pain I know but this will get around this issue and insure that the settings are always kept as you've configured them. Of course the downside is that the user can / will think they've made changes to the config but of course they get overwritten every time GB is launched...

Let me think about it some more

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