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Originally Posted by sarek2k
And @Macca if you think i'll be going to the lengths i went to on DamienD's snes dvd your very much mistaken Infact i doubt i'll ever work on a front end with him again and he knows it he said numerous times "you'll probably hate me for this but....." in the end tho we got the job done and he's gone home happy

@DamienD next time don't send the pictures to your photoshop friend it will save a whole load of hassle
Yes, you did an excellent job my friend and I'm very grateful

I think it was a bit of a pain for you to make those changes as it wasn't set out in layers. Obviously I thought it was and didn't realise that it was that big a deal

Guess I just wanted it to be perfect considering I spend 1.5 months making the DVD perfect. Can't blame me really...
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