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If you get an X-Surf card and you will be always connected to the net, you can do as I do and set up a connection to a Time Server. (Should read to end of msg before replying!)

But the answer is yes you can replace the battery with one less likely to leak. Having a battery on an A3000 can help, but you can always use the program "Batmem" to get over most problems!

Once I get the X-Surf card, I'll probably switch to using that for my IDE drive and put the DataFlyer card away... I'm assuming the X-Surf is likely faster
The IDE ports on the X-Surf are "freebies" they are not particularly fast and you cannot boot from them. You'll just have to see how good they are compared to the DF card, which is also pretty poor (A500 Zorro II design!)

One piece of software I haven't installed that was on there before is MagicWB... is it even worthwhile installing this now
I personally dont think so. Getting a good palette for ECS is difficult. Not sure what NewIcons looks like in 16-colors.

I have list of programs which are "must haves" for a hard drive enabled Amiga, MWB isnt one of them. Personal choice.
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