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I loved defender of the crown and Wings but defender of the crown i first played on a c64 and then Atari ST i didn't really like the Amiga version because at the time i only had built in disk drive and it used to keep asking for the 2nd disk which i hated, any game that pops up with generic workbench style insert 2nd disk looks ugly and spoils the game!

However Wings was AWESOME i can still hum those tunes in my head to this day and whoops the accidental shot at my wing man wasn't meant to hurt him just stop him shooting down all my targets

I also had rocket ranger on the Atari ST liked the concept just couldnt get into the game same goes for Tvsports football i had 4th and inches on the c64 and could execute a few of the moves like shotgun etc but the rest was a complete fucking mystery!

I loved the concept of Lord of the rising sun but it was a stratergy game and too deep for me at the time i liked mostly arcade games thats why i got the Amiga

I tried the remakes of Defender of the crown on PC and Xbox and could not get into either
i also tried the full remake on the pc too not the downloadable remake of the original the thing that spoilt it for me was when you where invading a castle you had your cattapult and on the c64/st versions u had markers on the catapult where to fire to knock down the wall and then fire in your greek fire/poison shots etc but they aren't present on any of the remakes so you just have to take pot luck also the jousting is harder too as is the sword fighting!

All in all spoilt remakes all round!
and as for Click Team that was a farce from start to finish as pointed out in other threads on EAB a case of worker exploitation, being paid or not paid on the cheap and no final product that was any good anyway!

Just to tie in with this actuall forum subject i never saw sinbad tho a m8 did have it

@DamienD i had to actually write all this off line because of the modem prob you know about
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