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Luckily, my brother knew about this problem and clipped the battery out of there a few years back. Speaking of which, is there any way I can once again get a battery backed clock for the machine? Like installing a different battery that won't leak or something? Time stamps on files aren't terribly necessary, so unless there's an easy replacement, I'll probably just leave the machine thinking it's 1978.

Anyways, I have since formatted the hard drive, I'm running KS 3.1, WB 3.1, and have reinstalled pretty much all the worthwhile software I had before... the machine starts up MUCH faster now, and there isn't nearly as much nonsense cluttering up the filesystem. I ordered an X-Surf card, but I'm still waiting for it to arrive, so no networking going yet. Once I get the X-Surf card, I'll probably switch to using that for my IDE drive and put the DataFlyer card away... I'm assuming the X-Surf is likely faster, and I don't need to boot off the drive. In the DataFlyer manual, it mentions that not all hard drive controllers can handle drives that were formatted by other cards... does this mean I'll likely have to format the drive before I could use it on the X-Surf?

One piece of software I haven't installed that was on there before is MagicWB... is it even worthwhile installing this now, or is NewIcons a better choice? I don't have a graphics card, and I mostly use low-color high-res video modes, but I'd still prefer something a little better looking than the stock Commodore icons. Would I be looking at a large performance hit with either of these packages? I'm honestly not even entirely sure what either of these packages do aside from replacing the icons and helping with palette problems, but I'm hesitant to try either since it looks like uninstalling to try the other would be a huge pain.

Now that I think about it, assuming everything networks nicely, I could always just run an NTP server on my Linux machine and have the Amiga sync to that on boot.....
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