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OK, I read the configuration and I got this:

Cylinders: 38811
Heads: 8
Blocks per track: 252
Blocks per cylinder: 2016

Now here's the scary part. I did exactly as you said and I was wondering why the numbers weren't adding up. Then I noticed that my current configuration is:

Cylinders: 16383
Heads: 16
Blocks per track: 63
Blocks per cylinder: 1008

These numbers were entered automatically when I originally "read configuration" to install the drive using the WB3.1 HDtoolbox (when I wasn't using 3.9). I tested again with WB3.1 HDtoolbox and this is what I got.

So now - am I screwed? If I can't change the numbers without losing data, what does it mean if I continue using the drive with these numbers - future corruption? I can't just wipe the drive and reinstall. It took me 3 weeks with AmigaExplorer and a borrowed Windows laptop just to copy everything. Arrgh!
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