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The "boot HDD" - if you mean boot partition then I'm OK
No, I meant the HDD with the bootpartition on.

because I'd never put a boot partition beyond 4Gb,
You can't do this anyway. The boot partition has to be below 4GB, otherwise it won't boot.

I have version 45.6 of HDtoolbox (2002) on my 3.9 partition, and it still only shows 8Gb
Go to the install dialogue. It will ask you if you want to edit or define new. Choose define new. Then click on "read configuration". Write down the value for "total nuimber of blocks" (it's on the right). Click on Cancel until you are on the first screen again. Then click on Install again, but this time choose edit. Now increase the number of cylinders until the total number of blocks touches but doesn't pass the number you wrote down. With this method the partitions shouldn't get deleted.

To be entirely sure you should choose "save RDB" and "save mountfile" before you begin. Save them to floppy disk, not to the HDD.
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