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If the boot HDD should be larger than 4GB, then you have to double boot.
The "boot HDD" - if you mean boot partition then I'm OK because I'd never put a boot partition beyond 4Gb, but if you mean that the HD has partitions beyond 4Gb, then that ruins my whole purpose of using IDEfix. I don't have a CD-ROM and didn't want double booting. In that case, I'll just stick with the original solution of using LoadModule (you helped me with that one too! - thanks again for that one Thomas )

HDInstTool is not a good choice IMHO. It might have less bugs than HDToolbox but those it has are serious.
Yes, I took one look at HDinst and got scared.

This is corrected by the OS3.9 boingbags.
I have version 45.6 of HDtoolbox (2002) on my 3.9 partition, and it still only shows 8Gb - so I guess that means that I would have had to use 45.6 to "install" the drive originally (and if I install now, I'll lose everything).

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