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Originally Posted by mr_a500
So - is IDEfix actually faster?
Not noticeable.

Does it work with the Viper's IDE port at all (i.e. does the documentation mention the Viper and does it replace the Viper's IDE driver) ? Otherwise the only benefit you get is the CD-ROM filesystem (CacheCDFS).

Does it have any problems with newer filesystems (SFS, FFS 45.14)?
No problems, works fine with all available file systems.

Does it actually load without double-booting?
Depends on which features you want to use. If the boot HDD should be larger than 4GB, then you have to double boot.

when I installed my HD, I used WB3.1 and my HD shows only 8Gb (it's a 40Gb drive).
HDToolbox shows whatever you enter into the geometry fields. 8GB is an old limit of PC IDE controllers which was accidentely adopted in HDToolbox. This is corrected by the OS3.9 boingbags. However, you can partition the entire drive anyway, you just have to enter the correct geometry manually.

HDInstTool is not a good choice IMHO. It might have less bugs than HDToolbox but those it has are serious. Also HDToolbox is easier to handle.
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