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IDEfix - what can it do for me?

Yes, I've read the IDEfix documentation and read some webpages and read many posts. I haven't really found answers to my questions and want to find out if it will actually be good for me with my setup (using A500 with Viper520, no CD-ROM). This bit from the documentation is what got me interested:
Enhance your IDE-port! Faster transfer, faster booting, less CPU use!
No MaxTransfer troubles, set MaxTransfer as big as you like!
TD64 & NSD commands supported, use IDE drives bigger than 4 GIG with your
Amiga (requires FileSystem with TD64 and/or NSD support).
Patches into the system "on the fly", no reboot required.
I've already got WB3.9 (completely legal and painfully expensive original copy), but before you say "just use 3.9", there are many reasons why I don't want to and/or can't. So I extracted the 43.35 scsi.device from 3.9 and use it with WB3.1 when I want to access partitions beyond 4Gb. The problem is that to do that I need to double-boot, so I can't use it all the time (I hate double-booting).

So - is IDEfix actually faster? Does it have any problems with newer filesystems (SFS, FFS 45.14)? Does it actually load without double-booting? If harddrives > 4Gb can be used, how are they partitioned?(HDtoolbox shows only 8Gb) Has anyone had problems with it? (I'm not too fond of harddrive corruption)

I tried IDEfix and got the annoying popup, but I didn't see my partition beyond 4Gb. I'm hoping this is just because I manually installed it. I installed manually because I didn't know if the install was going to have a hidden file cause infinite annoying popups - like one piece of crap shareware (crapware?) did to me a few years ago.

Another problem: when I installed my HD, I used WB3.1 and my HD shows only 8Gb (it's a 40Gb drive). I thought 3.9 HDtoolbox would show the correct size, but even that only shows 8Gb. Is there a way to update the drive information (using 3.9 HDtoolbox) without destroying data?
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