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Originally Posted by Frog
Filemaster 2.2+ or 3.1 (less stable), simple, efficiency, easy to configure, fast, run on kick1.3 as well as 3.1... it remember several directory listing (10 per windows). One of my essential tools
I use Filemaster too exclusively.. Some 3.x beta currently but 2.2 is also installed on my machine.

IMO Dopus went overboard with the features.. I just wanted to manage my files.. Also the cheap price of 50fim was nice for a young kid such as me. :-)
PS : done by Toni Wilen, don't know if it's the same that made WinUae
The same.

BTW: how many of you registered it and how many used the version paid for by one Ville Jouppi, stolen from his disk box by an ex-friend of his.. :-)
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