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Green Amiga Alien Guide update April 2006

The Green Amiga Alien Guide website contains a series of guides designed for the beginner on how to setup Winuae and install workbench with all the extras. There also is some information about a few of the Amiga Workbench distributions available.

Here is a log of the April 2006 changes:
  • Added new chapter: Installing AmiCDROM (CD-ROM driver for AmigaOS)
  • Replaced chapter 4 with 'Download and set-up & Installer for the next chapters'
  • Renamed old chap4.htm to chaplha.htm and linked from new chapter 4 via 'Click here if you would like to extract/decompress all your lha files first.' link
  • Updated Chapter 5,6 & 7 (added lha extract instructions to each chapter)
  • Updated the picasso96.lha file I modified replacing outdated rtg.library V40.3945 with updated rtg.library V40.3993 from WinUAE\Amiga Programs dir
  • Updated Chapter 8m1, 8m2 & 9 (added lha extract instructions to each chapter)
  • Improved layout of index homepage with three workbench images
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