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Originally Posted by adgloride
Blu ray will probably go the same way as UMD, I can't see anyone replacing all their DVD movies with Blu ray ones.
UMD was a step down in quality AND usabillity, no good video out on PSP, and just use the memcard instead of UMD. Blueray/Hd dvd will both be a step up in quality, a good step from the demos i've seen.

With that in mind I'm not suprised that UMD fails, but I can't see blueray going the same way.

Another good "copy protection" is the MMORPG subscription model. Still that only works for as long as playability is based on user interaction.. something I usally hate when all I need is 30 min of arcade gaming. It's no suprise that MS pushes xboxlive, and locks chipped boxes.

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