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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT
It doesn't matter what copy protection system is employed, whatever someone is clever enough to design, someone else is clever enough to work it out.
Very true.

Copylock, Safedisc, Macrovision.... all beaten, and in the case of Macrovision for DVD, that was beaten in the first three weeks of the first rollout of DVD movie releases.
Using your example, Macrovision 7 for VHS cassettes all but wiped out home "Rent then Video to Video" copying of movies. The hardware to remove the AGC interference at about £90 was just outside the price range of ordinary home users.

And why bother with Skys NDS system, when you simply install Telewest which shows Sky content, and thats been cracked A LONG time now.
True, True. Even though lots of people are not in cabled areas, cable TV hacking probably reduced the number of hackers interested in working on Sky.

The problem is, they get people to design these copy protection systems that have NO experience of cracking them.
You think so? I would have thought that it would be a pre-requisite on your CV for most security companies?

XBox 360 will be cracked just like everything else.
It already is.

Also the note about piracy being too expensive on these new machines... not so! Just add up the cost of what it would be to buy all the new XBox 360 games that are released right now, and I'll bet it would triple/quadruple the costs of any hardware that would need to be purchased to enable you to use copies.
Yeah, but the XBOX doesnt use propriatory interfaces or media. That is why it is relatively cheap to hack. If they had not used CD or DVD technology and plumped for their own... which COULDNT ever read CD or DVD... and they licensed it so no-one could ever produce a burner. That would have seriously hampered cracking. If M$ had coupled that with having a propriatory interface between the optical drive and the CPU so you cannot just swap in a modified PC dvd drive.

We would still see hacks in the future... but they would be very expensive and would put off the average Joe Bloggs on the street.
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