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It doesn't matter what copy protection system is employed, whatever someone is clever enough to design, someone else is clever enough to work it out.

Copylock, Safedisc, Macrovision.... all beaten, and in the case of Macrovision for DVD, that was beaten in the first three weeks of the first rollout of DVD movie releases.

Bluray is expensive now, but with the perfect introduction of PS3, millions of people will own a Blu Ray player, therefore the cost of the discs will come down dramatically. DVD's used to be expensive, thats why in the early days, pirate movies on DVD were usually of a high quality, because mr.pirate couldn't afford people to return the DVD's saying they were shit.

And why bother with Skys NDS system, when you simply install Telewest which shows Sky content, and thats been cracked A LONG time now.

The problem is, they get people to design these copy protection systems that have NO experience of cracking them.

On the Amiga, lets just think of three names. Gaston, Eurosoft and Ringo Starr.... throw them all in a room and tell them to copy protect an Amiga title amongst themselves..... you'd expect it to be a good one, because they all have plenty of cracking experience.

Microsofts 'protection' experience is a joke, look how quickly EVERY release of Windows gets beaten, and virus infested at every turn. XBox 360 will be cracked just like everything else.

PSP, well, if your saving money on the games, some people will put up with any hassle so they don't have to pay.

Also the note about piracy being too expensive on these new machines... not so!

Just add up the cost of what it would be to buy all the new XBox 360 games that are released right now, and I'll bet it would triple/quadruple the costs of any hardware that would need to be purchased to enable you to use copies.
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