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Originally Posted by -=SPY=-
With PS3 the Blue Ray format will be hard to copy cause the blue ray blanks will be like $50+ and then also a modchip..

And from what i hear they wont be selling blu ray data burners for many years.

you can buy a HDTV blue ray movie burner for $4000 aussie dollars and the blanks are $50+ but only for movies.Sony have made sure that no company can make and sell blueray data burners for many years,well this is what i read.
As Djay said - besides theres no reason why you can't rip the game to DVD format (apparantly they're going to be able to read DVDs) okay you'll loose some of the quality of the movies (or in some cases loose all the movies completley)

Then again if it has the ability to have a hard-drive attached to it... well the possibilities are endless.
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