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I would suggest you are missing some optional mui classes or other...

or some functions are only activated with later revisions of certain libraries?

I am running 3.9 BB2

why not reboot... run snoopdos or similair and then open something in multiview... could convey something missing... hence ghosted fuctions...
Wha? Multiview should have nothing to do with MUI classes.

SnoopDOS is the first thing I tried and the only thing that failed was REXX:Multiview. On my (legal) 3.9 CD-ROM, there is no Multiview rexx file in S:. Is this Multiview rexx file part of a boingbag that brings up a find requestor? I never could install those damn boingbags because I don't have a CD-ROM.

If someone has this Multiview rexx file in S:, could you upload it? I still may not be able to use it if it uses any 3.9-only functions. (there are many reasons why I use 3.1 instead of 3.9 even though I own 3.9)
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