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Originally Posted by Macca
With regards to AlexH's suggestion even propriatory hardware can be modified
Not economically. If the Xbox360 DVD had not been standard SATA, if it had not used a known microprocessor who's firmware could be disassembled and understood, then we wouldnt have people reflashing their boxes at home with a regular PC.

you can't have full control over everything because that would mean only you are developing over it.
What does that mean? The sentance doesnt make sense

Everything is crackable, be it handheld firmware, satbox firmware, satbox protection....
You are quite correct. However if the console manufacturers make it difficult to the point it costs a LOT of money for the equipment required to perform the crack, you massively reduce the chances of it happening.

If there are enough people who will benefit from the free s/w, it will be broken, simple as
Where is the UK NDS (Sky Satellite) conditional access crack then? NDS used such a great propriatory interface, made it reconfigurable so that if anyone ever worked it out they would just change it, they never released ANY information what so ever. The result is 9 years with no successful workaround.
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