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Clearly you have misunderstood me! I don't know where you get the stupid word that you used throughout your response, as I never even remotely suggested any such thing. Ever. I used the word nonsense once. And it was to describe having to use passwords to decrypt zip files from that rom site.

Second misunderstanding: when I used the word fills, it is a term used to desribe missing files in a collection. It is used heavily in the usenet newsgroups, but it is also used on web sites and through various traders. Even mp3 traders. And this term does apply to you because you described that in your above message.

I think you flew off the handle a bit, Maverick. It might have served you better to at least ask me what I meant before assuming I was attacking you, which I don't believe I have ever done.

To restate what I meant in my message, in usenet newsgroups, complete floods of every system are posted regularly. Depending on your news server, some parts may not make it through or the person posting might be missing a few titles. So I was suggesting getting the nearly complete sets from usenet, then filling in the missing games from web sites (which is slower than usenet usually, as well).

Take a chill pill, dude!
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