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Originally Posted by Rick Dangerous
CLI-Mate is a filemanager which is not mentioned yet.
Does anybody know it?
I still use it sometimes on the Amiga to copy files, view IFF-pictures or just to see what's on a disk. It's able to view and edit ascii-files.
CLI-Mate was created back in the late 80ies and offered the basic commands of the Amiga-Shell. The screen was split into two parts. The left part contained the source (normally DF0 and the other one was to be defined by the user (DF0,DF1,RAM and something more)
If you defined the RAM as the destination you could use it for collecting the stuff to create a new disk.
If you need more info (for example screenshots) tell me and I try to post more. (I'll just need to run the Amiga!)

Cheers, Rick
i used it in the past too, a great tool. then i used Diskmaster and then Filemaster Dopus 4 a bit too but i always return to Filemaster
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