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Doing all the final testing now

However I did find one minor issue. With the DVD's setup, you need to run the setup.exe program once and then go through the menu options. All works without any problems...

Let's say you selected to copy everything to the D: drive. Later you decided to change the emulator / controller settings but still leave everything on the D: drive... You would run setup.exe once more, then go through the required menu options and selecting the D: Drive again. This would then copy all files / folders across (no need really as they are already there)

I've now added in a check that does the following:

... Originally you copy all files / folders across to the desired drive. Once totally finished, a .txt file is now created in %temp%.
... If you re-run setup.exe later and select the same destination drive, it will check to see if this .txt file exists and if so will not try to copy everything again.

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