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Maybee, i do not good understand what you want say (my english is not very good).
Do you want say that i am nosense or stupid ?:eek

No, these roms is not 'just' for fills my hd with roms.
It is for complete my collection of games in the Megadrive and SNes, fill the hole of roms that i don't have find before.

No, i don't like usenet newsgroups for downloading binaries (roms, ect...).

If it whas just for filling my hd with files (roms or others), i will download everithing for every computers/consoles emulated.
But this is not the case, i have only some of emulated system in interest that i want the most complete as possible.

Amiga, Zx Spectrum, Amstrad, MSX, C64

Arcade Consoles:
Mame, Raines, Shark

Nes, SNes, Megadrive, TurboGraphix16

Maybee you are limited your interest to the Amiga ?

What i want say in my previous post whas that: crypt a zip file with a password if this zip is not confidential or highly secret is stupid and useless.
The purpose to put roms online is that the most people can use it.
It is boring to type for every roms the password (that give not 100 % protection for it, because already cracked).

I don't sell or do anything that make the software copyright owners angry.
I like to remember what games whas created at this good old time and play with some of this games that i had not the opportunity for when the game came out.

If you find me stupid to download so many roms, then it is not friendly of you.

I am not only/just a leecher, if somebody need some roms, i have always give it immediately free and not protected with a password.
Previous donations of roms whas on others forums or in somes newsgroups about emulations.
Here, i cannot be very usefull today because i have a lot of Amiga games but they are not already classified/tested.
It take a lot of time to test and make a list of it.

I am not stupid, i am just a fan of old games.

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