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Originally Posted by alexh
Making a system practically hack proof is not possible, making it uneconomically hack proof (i.e. it would take too long to hack / cost too much money) is possible, but at a big cost to either the users or the vendor.

I see all these stats about how piracy is costing the industry...

If they chose a 100% propriatory medium...
I really agree with Alexh here, all of his points a precisely what I was thinking.
• I’d never spend time on games that are crap, free or not
• Custom media, too much hassle for most

I wouldn’t waste time on most games that score around 80 or below in reviews (, even if they where free. I’ve got about say 10 titles on my DC, out of what 400? And it’s not that they are hard to get these days.

The DC had ha an interesting protection, if only the bios had been cleared of the code part that made it possible to boot CDR and the laser none CD compatible.

I guess the flipside of this is that the lock down makes me want to edit my console. I’ll make my xbox360 boot divxHD/Quiktime the first day it’s possible. The console is perfect in that regard, Digital output, internal storage, network streaming. It’s just locked to WMV that, well… is useless for me.

Another version of copy protection that is “effective” is the party/singstar/guitarhero games, add some hardware that effects the game play in a good way. Just not worth the hassle to copy them and then go out to buy some extras. I’m guessing the cost trade off is hard here tough.
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