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Originally Posted by glwxxx
For those who are interested in AmigaOS3.9 patches included in AmiKit:

I've uploaded all of the patches to amikit yahoo group. They are stored in single LhA archive and thus easy to unpack on "real" Amiga...

- Amigaguide.datatype 45.6
- Console.device 44.10
- FastFileSystem 45.14
- Icon.library 45.4
- MultiView 45.10
- RAM-Handler 44.23
- Rexxsyslib.library 44.2
- Shell 45.12
- Workbench.library 45.131

To access the archive you have to subscribe to the amikit yahoo group by sending an (empty) email to
Thanks my friend

Makes it easier to upgrade the rest of my Amiga's so I don't have to mess with the spatch thingie
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