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The only ground DKC really broke tough, was it's unbelievable technical achievement. Most games looked pretty bad compared to DKC. However, as a game it was pretty straight forward without too much substance.

It's been the way of RARE ever since. Style over substance. Well, most of the time.

On the 3D topic, I love 3D as much as I love 2D games. I can't imagine how games like Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell or even Pro Evolution Soccer would work in 2D. Also, I think consoles tend to have the amiga-spirit more than the PC does. Consoles are about simplicity in setup, deep compelling gameplay if you want that and simple gameplay if you want that. Consoles also have a wider range of genres. On the PC 80% of the games released are either FPS/strategy/(MMO)RPG, 15% racing/sports games and the last 5 percent are bad ports of console games - games that generally plays better on a big widescreen tv, surround sound and from a comfortable chair or couch.

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