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You cant just brand all 3D games as crap, especially as the negative comments Ive seen on here more than a few times only seem to be directed at FPS games, Games like Command and Conquer Generals and Settlers V with an angled top down 3D view make excellent use of 3D, especially when zooming, I always hated in Settlers IV when you zoomed in and it just made everything pixely
Ok so I have played some 3D games that make my physically sick (try playing Incoming for a few hours) but for the most part, especially with games that were amongst the first 3D examples of their genre, the technology is used very effectively and achieves many things that would be impossible or emmensely difficult to achieve in 2D.
Its all a question of how effectively 3D is used within a game, and I do agree that in many games 3D has been chosen purely for novelty/show-off value.

As far as another monkey island goes I think pre-rendered 2D images (see donkey kong country) would be a really interesting way to go!
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