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heres my 2 pence worth...

when i first got an Amiga, i bought about 10 games at the same time... i didnt know much about the copy-scene but after a week or so i got chatting to some people at school and i went back to this new mates house and he had boxes and boxes of disks, he sold me some blanks and i went thru his collection...

...thats how it all started for me, later... i met a guy who was a trader for scoopex and thats when it went silly... i still bought some games, the ones i thought were great and played a lot.. even thou i had them on copy already

as for killing the Amiga... well...

one week i bought an Amiga game, the next week i bought a Playstation, lets just say that i didnt buy another Amiga game.

during the early years the Amiga *was* the games machine to have, the PC was nowhere near as good.... but the PC caught up and got better - Doom for example was release before AlienBreed FP, Fear and the others.. but Doom was much better, ok so you had to have a good PC to run it... but money doesnt matter.. look at the console industry now... a console is updated within five years and was originally sold for £400...

... commodore didnt properly update the computer....

... i know lots of people who bought Amigas because they could copy games!
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