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Originally Posted by Macca
Hi Mate

I've sorted the links out (basically copying a shortcut to the desktop) which is no hardship (though I'll have to use my usb floppy to create the other shortcuts as it checks the files are there) anyway any advice you have on how to do this - I'm sure theres a variable I've missed somewhere...
Yup, it's a pain to create all shortcuts which need to point to all the different drive letters.

Say I have C: + D: (which are phsysical partitions) and E: which is a DVD drive. C: + D: are easy as you just copy the files to there and created the shorcuts...

Here's what you need to for the rest of them:

... Change the DVD drive to Z: for now.
... Say all your files are stored in the root of C: in a directory called C64. Create a directory called C:\___ and move the directory C64 to this.
... Now run a command prompt and type subst E: \___. Now if you do a dir on the E: drive you will see C64 in the root
... Create your shortcut.
... Once finished, run a command prompt and type subst E: /D.
... Now type subst F: \___ and repeat until all shorcuts for each letter are created.

Hope this makes sense

There's another way to do this but it involves burning a CD / DVD and then changing your CD / DVD drive to each letter so that you can create the shortcuts...
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