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Originally Posted by sarek2k
i have downloaded modified1 and 2 updated them is there a modified3????
i now have a snes dir on my c:\ drive and the settings are screwed back to what they were originally i've copy the setup.exe from the modified 1 and 2 plus the other reg files from the 2 zips and tried to re-run the setup of course it won't work because it's comming up with a sharing violation cause i am running the file i am trying to copy!!!
Sharing violation... Never had this before and I've run setup.exe straight after copying everything to the C: or D: drive. Just end / restart the task explorer.exe or reboot Windows...

No modified 3, 4 or 5. I can add 3 and 4, what does everybody think? Guess it would be good for 4 player games like NBA Jam...

As Snes9x is registry based, to find out what buttons I've mapped to SNES L + R all you should need to do it is:

... Insert the DVD into your DVD drive.
... Run SETUP.EXE from \SNES on the DVD.
... Select that you want to use the DVD drive from "File Location + Desktop Shortcut - Setup" menu.
... Select PS2 Controllers from the "Controller - Setup" menu.
... Select Exit, as all desired settings have been applied.

Originally Posted by sarek2k
if i Re-Burn the dvd that will fix it won't it?
No need, the above should work. Plus if all goes to plan I should have the new multi-emulator DVD all ready / tested by Monday at the latest

Originally Posted by sarek2k
Got myself in a right old mixup here i've took screenshots of both but they mean nothing to me as snes9x is now broken so i can't tell whats what!
You sure have

Originally Posted by sarek2k
when i originally ran your setup.exe i could at least get your settings but now i can't
Interesting. If you say you've copied everything to the root of C: drive then:

... Just delete the C:\SNES directory.
... Copy everything across again.
... Run setup.exe and select Exit, removing all applied settings.
... Run setup.exe again but this time select the options you desire.

Originally Posted by sarek2k
also you say you've mapped SNES L&R as psx L&R 2+2???? wouldnt it make more sense to have them as psx L&R 1+1 (As tho they are the shoulder buttons on the snes pad? ie the TOP layer) or have u selected em as 2+2 for comfort???
Comfort... The original reason why I did this is that as you know there are two buttons on the "shoulder" of a PS / PS2 controller. L1 / R1 is a bit smaller than R2 / R2 so I thought this is a better option (more like to press this and not slip)

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