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I had one of those loaned it to a m8 and never got it back i'll have to get another one!)

Right here goes @ DamienD having a shit load of problems here m8!
i have downloaded modified1 and 2 updated them is there a modified3????
i now have a snes dir on my c:\ drive and the settings are screwed back to what
they were originally i've copy the setup.exe from the modified 1 and 2 plus the
other reg files from the 2 zips and tried to re-run the setup of course it won't work because it's comming up with a sharing violation cause i am running the file i am trying
to copy!!!

if i Re-Burn the dvd that will fix it won't it?

Got myself in a right old mixup here i've took screenshots of both but they mean nothing to me as snes9x is now broken so i can't tell whats what!

when i originally ran your setup.exe i could at least get your settings but now i can't

also you say you've mapped SNES L&R as psx L&R 2+2???? wouldnt it make more sense to have them as psx L&R 1+1 (As tho they are the shoulder buttons on the snes pad? ie the TOP layer) or have u selected em as 2+2 for comfort???
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