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Originally Posted by DamienD
The only ones I cannot remember are:

... SNES L = PS2 L1 or PS2 L2
... SNES R = PS2 R1 or PS2 R2

Here's what I need you to do for me:

... Run Snes9x with both your controllers plugged in and test to see what I mapped SNES L + SNES R to (I think it was L2 + R2).
... Run Zsnes and do a full joypad mapping of each controller corresponding to the Snes9x layout, take print screens and then post them here.

Once I know this information I *should* be able to replicated it using my Xbox controllers.
Actually I should be able to work it out without you having to lift a finger...

Thought about it and here's how, quite logical really:

... Run Snes9x with Xbox controllers.
... Remap buttons until I work out which Xbox buttons give PS2 (JO)Button 4 + (JO)Button 5 and make a note of these.
... Run Zsnes and use the noted buttons to set SNES L + R.

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