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Smile Afterlife

Quite simply the most underrated LucasArts game ever.

I don't understand why the majority of PC gamers didn't warm to this fine strategy sim, which didn't get the Quake-or-SimCity-like online/fan support it quite frankly deserved.

The music was brilliant, as was the two advisors in the game, Jasper and Aria. The graphics also looked rather nice, and made the game look rather colourful to me. The game had some great built-in scenarios, too (although it was a shame you couldn't make your own (probably because LucasArts pretty much abandoned the game not long after its release, even though they still sell the game and the strategy guide (which I actually might get) in their online store, although I'm sure neither of the SimCity games could do this either (unless anyone wants to prove me wrong?)). However the difficulty can be rather hard to me at times, especially the point where Jasper keeps on complaining that your roads in Hell aren't twisted enough, even though I don't see how you could possibly make them worse than they are already.

Anyway, apart from that one gripe, Afterlife has been a great game forever immortalised in the "Underrated Classics" section of the games world.

I only wish LucasArts would just take a break from making identical and rather pointless Star Wars games and concentrate on a possible sequel to Afterlife perhaps.

(Note: I was unable to find a large scan of the (English) Afterlife box anywhere on the net. Perhaps someone here who has the game (and a scanner would probably help too) might be able to offer any scans?)

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