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Amiga 1000 [1986]
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Yet another A1000

My one and only amiga ever was and still is an old Amiga 1000, which I got back in 1986. It came with built-in 256MB (uh sorry KB I meant) and a 256KB cartridge for getting a fantastic total of 512KB! It still had Kickstart 1.1 and Workbench 1.1, but the 1.2 versions where included too. Apart from the Extras Disk it was bundled with the Mindwalker game (thus being my FIRST Amiga game ever!)
Some weeks later I had some money to buy the Infocom "Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy" adventure. I bought it in a regular computer store and it cost me about 80.-DM then!
To catch up with a friend of mine, owning a A500 from 1987, I bought another 512 memory extension which was put in the "sidecar" slot on the right. Of course a second floppy drive was indispensable too, if you wanted to avoid disk-jockeying too much
My Amiga still works today and I would never ever sell or swap it. Nowadays I'm keeping the memories of these days alive using WinUAE on my PC (yes, I'm ashamed of that...)
Greetings to all Amiga(1000)-users!
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