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Originally Posted by mr_a500
To get the Crystal Shard, you need to meet the wraith (or whatever the guy's name is) at the crypt at midnight and give him the bones from the huge underground maze. Finding the bones is a major pain in the ass. The wraith gives you the shard to get past the barrier in the Citadel of Doom.
Ah! I remember it now. Thanks.
The wraith in the crypt at the graveyard!
I forgot that. Yeah, the bones are located in Hemsath's tombs.
All I remember is that I wasn't cheating. (believe me or not).
The thing with the bird was then in the trainer-version.
To solve the game I drawed a map using the trainer (that took me more than weeks) and trained every situation. In the trainer-version it was possible to jump from building to building.
I still have the game-disk and I wrote on it: 'solved: 20.Nov 1988, 12:30-23:30' (That is now almost 18 years ago...)
In the beginning, I spent a lot of time at the graveyard fighting ghosts to gain bravery points. And I remember to well my 2 hours in grimwood.
My strategy was to get hold of the swan as fast as possible so that I could
travel quickly and to get rid of the enemies.

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