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When I was a kid, I had a continuous supply of warez from my scene buddies, so I didn't really bother buying anything. Also I couldn't afford any, since I had pocket money of 10FIM a week, when games cost 350FIM..

I mainly played around with the Amiga, not the games.

When I got older, naturally my pocket money grew and I also got summer jobs etc, but at that time I was so much more interested in the inner workings of the machine (and BBS's and around 1993 the Internet) that I didn't really want to play too many games.

When I hear the statement "Piracy killed the Amiga" I just roll my eyes and shrug my shoulders. Piracy made the C-64 and it also made the Amiga. The Amiga died in 1994 when C= went bankrupt.. Nothing to do with piracy. Naturally after that the profit margins for everyone who stuck with the platform went down, so the community started to ban piracy so that there would still be sw for the machines in the future.. So this whole topic is really something that came much after the Amiga was already 1.8288 meters under.

Nowadays I try to buy as much of the productivity SW I use as I can, I mainly play old games on Amigas and C-64s and on my PS2.

The PS2 isn't modded, but it has a hdloader.. I have bought almost every game that is installed on the HD, except for a couple of us/jap only releases (katamari damacy .. ;-).

When I had a modded PSX in the 90s, I once noticed that the machine was covered in dust and beside it was a huge plastic bag full of burned CDs. Then I realised that if I intend to have a console and actually play games on it, I must buy the games.

Buying the games I play means I only buy good ones, and I also have more motivation to play them if I had to spend a fortune on them.. 60e for a new PS2 game is daylight robbery, but that's why I only have a handful. :-)

Gaming on the PC? Nah. I have a 1GHz Transmeta pocket computer ( as my main PC.. That doesn't do games (Minesweeper?-). Thus I'm stuck with my Nokia phone (yes, I buy mobile games!), PS2 and old CBM hardware to keep me entertained. :-)

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