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Originally Posted by DDNI
Like many on here, I pirated Amiga games without hesitation.
Recently I pulled my collection of 400 discs out of the loft. When I went through them I amazed myself that I had played so few through to completion.

I had very little feeling of attachment to any of them except the originals, all of which I remember saving for and buying with my Father.

With hindsight the fervent collecting and hoarding of hundreds of pirated games didnt allow me to enjoy the games at all. If anything it devalued the work that went into them.
Agreed... The ones I cherish are the originals. TBH a lot of piracy could be used to test games. If it was good I usually bought it... (Dungeon Master) but if shite I chucked it. Recently tried a PC game called Ubersoldier... glad I didnt even burn the image to a disk... it was totally boring. Even the wife was laughing at how scripted it was. Now if I had paid £30 for it on the basis of reviews I would have felt totally cheated.
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