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You can have what ever you want m8 it's all editable can have as many or as little buttons as you want / size (screen res) it's all configureable because it's
vector based. Of course the work in Autoplay would be done on the image AFTER it's done if you know what i mean by using hotspots like you would in any html editor.

The only thing that isn't is the Snes console it's self it was hard to find a picture of a snes that good i must also credit the site i got the picture from which i cut out

i don't know if they allow use of their images but since i can't read german i don't know. Really i am waiting on you for final input when you feel the DVD is complete then we can all work on the front end together and maybe the same for Macca's C64 dvd too. Also i'd like to put in it somewhere that it is not to be sold on Ebay including using their logo since they allow everyone else's logos to be used on their site and for unscrupulous sellers to make money from others hard work! Ebay has long caused problems for creative people round here perhaps it's time we had some pay back!

Sorry about the little Ebay rant lol
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