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Originally Posted by mr_a500
How in the hell could you do that? You're saying you got the swan inside the Citadel of Doom? If you could land the swan inside buildings, you must have had a seriously screwed up copy of the game. (no wonder you finished the game in one day )

There's no way to even land the swan near the Citadel of Doom.
You're right!
But back in the late 80ies I had two versions of the FTA, both pirated. The one I played was the one where you can summon the swan by pressing the 'B' key. One mischief was, that you can't save the game.
Another point is, that before you 'tamed the golden beast', there weren't any cheats available.

The other copy was the 'Trainer'-Version, where you could jump from screen to screen with the cursor-keys.

Where do I get this 'Crystal Shard' ? Never heard about it...



EDIT: I did finish the game without cheating until reaching the 'Citadel Of Doom'. What was after, I can't remember.
I was stumbling through Mirkwood, visited Hemsath's Tombs...
Everything without cheating!

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