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Found some more info on the game:

Says Jon Hare, designer and producer of the original Sensible Soccer and games design consultant on this edition: "The all new Sensi is the perfect blend of past, present and future with all the speed, fun and playability of the original combined with all the animations, four-player fun and spiced up with a magical sprinkling of original gameplay features that have never been seen before, including a mega single-player mode, 360-degree control and video style replays featuring cel-shaded caricatures of those lovable big-headed players"

Last time I saw Jon he was performing the opening theme tune to sensi soccer with the retro-band Press Play on Tape.

But if you want the original version:

2-player as well! Plus megalomania and cannon fodder thrown in too! Bargain! I think?? Hate how it implies "the megadrive" version was THE version to have. Amiga me thinks! Replace the crappy megadrive pads with Joysticks now!

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