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Originally Posted by DDNI
lemme know what you want and i will put them on my ftp for you
Sorry to take soooo long to reply. Called having four kids methinks LOL

I was after Poker Mania (PD), a game I did back in 1995. My wife finally took the plunge and played it (and is now totally addicted to it and hogging the PC at the same time!!), but when she completed the first half of the game, in which you have to accumulate £100 smackers in the bank, the game screen fades to load the "congratulations - you have completed the first half" picture.... instead it crashed, despite numerous settings within WinUAE.

There are four versions to be found on Planetemu. Of the first two, both crashed at the same place. So I was hoping to download and test the other two.

Fortuantely, also has the game.... and it works absolutely fine!! Much to wifes pleasure..... and my displeasure!!!! But the PC is all mine for a couple of hours now... heh heh.

Thanks tho' DDNI, for your kind gesture. At least Planetemu is up and running now... think I'll have to send 'em my ADF version.
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